Week Of The Big Push

The final days of the Summer 2010 – 2011 season in Antarctica are quickly approaching. The final camps are passing through on their way home. The South Pole is already in their winter 2011 season. We are waiting for the final C130 flight tomorrow so we can bring in the MLS’s, FMQ-19’s, PAPPIS and REILS. These will be long days to get it all in and packed away before my flight next week. I have to admit this has been the most enjoyable job I have ever had from a work perspective. Even if they were a little anal on the speed issue. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. I got yelled again the other day for speeding. The speed limit in town is 15 MPH. I was driving a piston bully with a top speed of 13 MPH. I was told I was going way too fast by the person responsible for training others how to drive them. It was all I could do to keep from laughing in her face. I reminded her later that the top end of the vehicle was less than the speed limit. She replied it doesn’t matter how fast you are going, it is the perception that matters. All I said was “I see”. Thanks for shring the season with me and asking the questions you have. If their is anything else you would like to know I would be happy to answer. I will also try to get better pictures of the whales if they come in close enough. The ice has all melted in front of the shop this year. The guys that have been coming back every year for over 10 years do not remember it melting this completely since they’ve been coming down. It’s a beautiful sight. The whales were closer last night, but far enough away that all you can see is steam from their blowhole when they exhale.