I finally made it home. After a 60 hour travel time, (I did get 1 night in a hotel with 8 hours sleep) I finally got home to Michigan. Feels great to be home, but boy, am I tired. I seem to be having trouble adjusting to the time. Got up at 9 this morning. That would have been 3am McMurdo time. Yeah, it’s like that. I’ll post the pictures after I take a nap. Emmalee came out to the airport to meet me last night. I was able to sneak up behind her. She turned around when I spoke to her and it startled her to see someone that close to her. After she recognized me she yelled DADDY jumped into my arms. It sure was a good feeling to be greeted. Donna, Emmalee, my mom, TJ, David, and Tyler were all there. Unfortunately, Jeni had to work. They had a large welcome home banner and plenty of hugs to go around. I have lots to tell you about the trip home including my setting off a bomb alert at the LA airport, but it will have to wait until I can think straight to write about it. By the way, for those of you that want to send an email outside the blog, use T_D_Mayer@yahoo.com. Donna and I share the email account. I suppose we should each have our own account, but we figured we have nothing to hide from each other anyway. This makes it easier to make sure we see the mail as it comes in if one of us isn’t home.