I am now in Christchurch. As it turns out, the airport is fine. No noticable damage to facilities or tarmac. The heaviest damage is on the south side of the city and the Central Business District (CBD). All of us that have worked search and rescue inthe past have volunteered to help, but they have teams from all over the world that have come in, so individuals without team equipment are not required. That is outstanding news.

I will be leaving for Auckland in a couple of hours, so still no time to post the final pictures yet. I will get them on line as soon as I can. I get back to GR on Monday at 9:53 pm on Delta flight 4152St. That will be great.

Found out another tidbit of news. They have been advertising for the entire period I was on the ice that the first night at the hotel was paid for upfront. As it turns out, I have to pay for it up front and get reimbursed. Joy of joys. I wish I had heard that before I went past the currency exchange kiosk. Oh well.

Giotta run, others in line to use the computers to check for their flights.