I am in the last two days before I leave the land of ice. The summer thaw is the greatest any ne in our group can remember. The weather has been pretty good the whole season. The orcas are out in greater numbers than ever, but none are coming close to our side of the water, so I’m sorry, but no good pictures of them. I do have a few more pictures of seals and penguins, but I don’t have a way at the moment to upload them, so I’ll do that when I can. This has been a fantastic time and I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of it. In a way, I’ll be sorry to go. I am excited about being reunited with Donna as you can imagine, and will be very happy when I finally get home. I leave here in two days and fly back to New Zealand. Donna leaves at about the same time and will get here the following morning. From there we are taking two weeks in a motorhome around the south island. They drie on the left over here, so this should be interesting. I’m thinking of putting up a big sign on front and back that says I’m American so they will know why I’m driving on the wrong side of the street. Maybe not. The flights have been cancelled the last few days because of high winds. Of course that also means we haven’t been able to get the last of the shelters buttoned up for the winter. Today seems to be a little better. I’ll write more when I do.