Well, I’ve been told they’ve run out of places for me to go. All of the equipment we have parts for is operating as it should. I completed bringing in the optical equipment from the AWS at Marble Point. On the way there we passed a lone penguin that was caught on a broken off piece of ice that was molting. Penguins don’t go in the water while they are molting. On the way back we passed a large pod of orcas in the same area. The penguin was on the solid ice, sliding on his belly as fast as he could go to get away from the edge where the orcas could break through. Apparently they can swim when they have to while molting.

We also went to AWS 108 at the Beisaida Crevasse Field to replace the battery. This is our furthest AWS out. That trip also went without a hitch. We had been on a delay all morning for weather. The day turned out to be beautiful by the time afternoon hit. 23 degrees, but the wind at 21 knots made it chilly at times. When the wind dies down it feels downright warm even when it is below zero. That’s because of the hole in the ozone layer. I am including more pictures from the latest trip.

By the way, check out the new hero shots. I’m a changed man.