Work at Mac Town

Yesterday I worked in the new tower that will be our runway workcenter. We uncrated and moved in cabinents. They weigh about 300 pounds apeice and there was only three of us to do it. It took all day and we were all exhausted by the time we were done.

Today is a down day for us because of the weather. It is condition 2 at Mac Town and condition 1 on the ice. I got called out at 10 pm last night for the TACAN being down, but by the time we got the truck on the road they had declraed condition 1 and we couldn't go anyway. We're taking turns on the internet to check mail. Between working all hours of the night and doing heavy physical labor during the day I get pretty tired at night and climb in bed early to rest up for the next call. They tell me it slows down once everything gets set up and running. By that time the weather gets a little warmer and the equipment is happier.

TACAN = Tactical Air Navigation.

This is a standard item at any airport that provides bearing and distance of an aircraft to the beacon. The plane reads the broadcast of the TACAN and interrogates it and the time from the interrogation to the reply tells the plane the distance it is from the TACAN.

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% of penguin pee in the ice:

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