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Final Pictures From Antarctica

This is the end of the photos from my trip to Antarctica. I have a second job interview this afternoon by phone. This is the same company I interviewed with while I was on the ice. The work is similar to the AWS weather system I was working with while I was on the ice except using cell phones instead of radios. Wish me luck. I have been delayed putting up the pictures.......

Week Of The Big Push

The final days of the Summer 2010 - 2011 season in Antarctica are quickly approaching. The final camps are passing through on their way home. The South Pole is already in their winter 2011 season. We are waiting for the final C130 flight tomorrow so we can bring in the MLS's, FMQ-19's, PAPPIS and REILS. These will be long days to get it all in and packed away before my flight next week. I have to admit this has been the most enjoyable job I have ever had from a work perspective. Even if they were a little anal on the speed issue. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you.......

Helo Flights Completed For The Year

Well, I've been told they've run out of places for me to go. All of the equipment we have parts for is operating as it should. I completed bringing in the optical equipment from the AWS at Marble Point. On the way there we passed a lone penguin that was caught on a broken off piece of ice that was molting. Penguins don't go in the water while they are molting. On the way back we passed a large pod of orcas in the same area. The penguin was on the solid ice, sliding...

Disaster At The Ice Pier

Several things have happened since I last had a chance to update the blog. Tanya (my dughter and webmaster) has created a little quiz based on some questions that have come in. See if you can answer them the first time through. (It will allow you to guess until you get it right. Please sign in so we know who hasn't tried yet.)

There are two ice piers. The old one is further out along the point beyond the new one. They are both built by piling up snow around the outside edge and pouring water in the middle to create a lake on top of the ice. The water freezes. They then add....

Third Trip To The Pole

This is the second attempt to create this blog. The last on locked up my computer about three fourths of the way trough loading pictures. At our baud rates, that equates to a day’s work. I have completed my third trip to the pole. This trip was to provide training to the weather observers down there in how to align a windbird so it is facing Grid North. We don't use true direction down there because at the South Pole everything is north. I'm attaching a few pictures I have been taking lately. A few probably require an explanation. There are a series of tunnels under the snow at the pole to house things such as the wells. They also store food underground (snow) in a large warehouse. There are 45 10,000 gallon storage tanks undersnow to store fuel for the winter. It takes all summer for the C130's to fill the tanks. Every flight drops off extra fuel. The fuel is specially blended to operate in cold temperatures. AN8 is what it is called. There are niches in the tunnel walls that people have created shrines of various sorts. Some are humorous, others are just plain weird. Frost from your breathe creates frost on everything. Apparently, some of the frost layers go all the way back to the fifties. I'm not sure if that is completely true, but what I can tell you is that it is extremely cold down there. For those of you that have seen "Whiteout", you will notice that the station does not look anything like the one in the movie. The one in the movie doesn't look like the old one either. Go figure. I guess they thought no one would notice. I didn't until I was there. The glacier photos aren't as beautiful as they are in person. The flow lines are gorgeous. That and the tops you see poking out a few hundred feet are actually thousands of feet tall. There is up to 2 miles of ice over the top of the ground in places. More snow builds up every year. Antarctica is not as affected by global warming as other areas because of the circumpolar winds. They go around the pole and keep the warmer winds and water out. Some pictures are actually taken here at MCM, like the ships and penguins. The open water is out by Tent Island.

Goings On - More Photos

Well, it's been a while since I last posted. Been really busy getting equipment ready to go out to sites and traveling to the sites. After 3 trips, AWS 100 has the tower relocated about a half mile from the old site. We just received new equipment to replace the AWS equipment at all the sites, so we are going to start with AWS 100. After the guy wires get a chance to freeze in we'll go out the first of next week after I get back from the South Pole and tighten the guy wires and put up the new equipment. Also, here are a bunch of pictures I have made and gotten from other people I was with. I keep forgetting where I left my camera every time I get a chance to upload the pictures to the blog so it takes me a while. That and finding an open slot to pass high speed data to make it possible is sometimes hard to do. Enjoy. If there is something you want to see in particular, let me know. By the way, if you create a login for yourself, I'll know who is posting comments. I promise the information will go no further than that particular purpose. Some of you may notice I haven't shaved for a couple of days.

More Random Photos

I came across some random photos from other folks I work with I thought you might find interesting. Pictures include the MatTrack I got stuck when the front tracks seperated and caused the front drive cog to slip on the tracks and when it was loaded on the magic carpet to tow back to town.(That was on the way back from an excursion to a weather site (AWS 104) 20 miles out on the ice.) I also have just one picture of the trip back from AWS 100. I was concentrating so hard on not getting stuck I forgot to take any until the danger had passed. We also had a rock concert with several local bands we call Ice Stock. Sort of like Woodstock, but a lot colder. Some of the bands were what you would expect to find and a couple were actually quite good. By the way, I also got one of the South Pole.

Stray Photos - Taken But Not Yet Posted

Stray Photos

Here are some photos I've collected along the way, but weren't significant enough to create an entry. I've been busy helping to get ready for the ice town move from McMurdo to Pegasus. The ice will not be thick enough to support the air traffic in a few weeks, so they move operations out to Pegasus for the remainder of the season. The only problem is that we still have to go out there every day and it is about 15 miles away instead of two. That may not sound like much, but when you are going 15 to 25 miles an hour at the fastest, it takes forever.

The South Pole

The South Pole!

The Seal

The Seal That Came To Visit


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