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I came across some random photos from other folks I work with I thought you might find interesting. Pictures include the MatTrack I got stuck when the front tracks seperated and caused the front drive cog to slip on the tracks and when it was loaded on the magic carpet to tow back to town.(That was on the way back from an excursion to a weather site (AWS 104) 20 miles out on the ice.) I also have just one picture of the trip back from AWS 100. I was concentrating so hard on not getting stuck I forgot to take any until the danger had passed. We also had a rock concert with several local bands we call Ice Stock. Sort of like Woodstock, but a lot colder. Some of the bands were what you would expect to find and a couple were actually quite good. By the way, I also got one of the South Pole.
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Ice Stock

Peace, love, and ice, dude!


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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