Well, There's a new problem on the ice. It seems we have more people coming in than we have rooms to put them in. Raytheon warned NSF earlier that this was going to happen, but NSF decided the figures were wrong. We have a total of 1042 beds and expect there will be 1248 in town for two weeks. NSF has decided there is no problem because all we need to do is increase the number of people per room and there is plenty of space. Needless to say there are a lot of upset people right now.

Pops? Mule?

Depending on who you talk to around here I now have two new nicknames. One is pops because I am older than anyone else in the shop and the other is mule because I have been doing more work lifting things than anyone else.

Work at Mac Town

Yesterday I worked in the new tower that will be our runway workcenter. We uncrated and moved in cabinents. They weigh about 300 pounds apeice and there was only three of us to do it. It took all day and we were all exhausted by the time we were done.

Communications and Food

The weather was +7F yesterday and +10 today.  Been rather windy though.  They shut down all travel if the winds get too bad.  I will never have network in my room unless I get a PC-MCI card for my computer to do dialup.  That would be too slow and not worth the expense.  I have access from the shop on the LAN, but don’t have much time while I’m there.  The computer lab has a kiosk with about 10 computers for everyone to share, so can’t be online long there either.  I plan to start emailing pictures as soon as I get them downloaded off my camera.  By the way, the chow is as bad as you guys alwa

Life on the Ice

Here is a map of Mc Murdo. (CAN ONLY BE SEEN FROM THE USAP.GOV NETWORK - PICTURE COMING SOON) I live in a dorm (much like college except older and smaller) in building 207 (one of the four long buildings to the left of the one with two triangles) and work at building 159 (first building to the left of the one with the botto triangle).  If you pass your cursor over the top of the buildings you can see the building number and name.  If you left click on the building you can see a photo of the building and look at the floor plan.  The descriptions are not necessarily correct.

Safe and Sound

Well, I’ve arrived safe and sound.  I have already spent an entire day out shoveling out equipment from snow banks and another day drilling holes in the ice to see if cracks are safe to pass over with the track vehicles.  I wanted to get with you to see how to upload pictures to the internet site and make blog entries.  I won’t be able to get to the site all the time, not enough bandwidth to have everyone on at the same time and we actually stay pretty busy hauling equipment in and back out to the ice every day. 


Here is my email address on the ice. 


I’m at the public kiosk right now because I don’t have access in the room yet.  I will also be checking my SRC account as well.



I thought I would send this now.  I am at the computer kiosk in the lobby of the
hotel.  I am leaving in a few minutes for the Antarctica Center to get on board
the C17 for the flight down.  I am so excited my back has started cramping up.  
I won't have time to check for emails after I send this, they are asking
everyone to load up into the van.  I miss you everyone already.  
My love to all and I miss everyone dearly as well.  Very busy day
yesterday with trying on all the gear to make sure everything fits well in

Timothy Edward Mayer

Where I’m from: Why from everywhere, of course. By the time I was 12 we had moved 26 times. Born in Jacksonville Florida, as a Navy Brat my Dad tended to get us moved around a little bit until he retired from the Navy and we moved back to Michigan.

Make way! Coming through!

I am sitting at the kitchen table going through all the emails and benefit materials to prepare for the trip. The good news is that they provide the ECW (extreme cold weather)gear I'll need. The bad news is that it counts against my weight allowance on the plane. I only get 145 pounds total. That sounds like a lot until you realize I have to live with it for 5 months. Also, the glasses I just bought are metal framed and I can't use them outside on the ice. The cold would cause the frames to freezer burn my skin.

To boldly go where no man (without a parka anyway) has gone before. To explore new icefields, seeking vistas of beautiful horizons tuxedoed penguins. To perform daring feats of electrical engineering in fascinating and sometimes colorless environs, (except some nights when the sky is on fire). To Live.


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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