New Zealand Earthquake

First of all, I want everyone to know I am perfectly safe. I am still in Mc Murdo. We have been hit with the worst storm of the season this week. There are snow drifts as tall as I am. It was hard to get home from the bar last night. My flight had been cancelled with no knowlege of when it might be rescheduled. Because of this and the earthquake in Christchurch, Donna and I have decided to cancel our vacation together as well. The hotel we were to stay in has been severely damaged. When we are able to leave here we're not even sure if we'll go through New Zealand or Tasmania. Time will tell. Meanwhile, without a place to stay nad not knowing when I'll be able to leave, it is best to cancel the whole thing. Any ideas where we should go instead? I was thinking maybe Hawaii or Mexico again. Of course, the worst thing about all this is that the bar has run out Crown Royal. I don't like their other whiskeys, so I'm out of luck. Dummy me packed all my books in the suitcase I turned in at bag drag thinking they might actually fly without much delay. Then this storm decided to loop around and come back even stronger.


I love to travel and go on great adventures and I may be a little dense at times, but sometimes you just have to listen to what "someone" is trying to tell you. First there was Tim's e-mail saying "Ut-oh" snow storm coming, and then the earthquake and we all know things happen in 3's. I'm not really superstitious, but hey I think it was wise for me to stay home this time :(

Glad you're safe

As much as it sucks to be stuck, and to have to cancel your New Zealand vacation plans, I am so very glad you are stuck in Antarctica and Michigan, rather than in Christchurch... You can reschedule vacations... What a horrible horrible mess...that I am thankful you are not in the middle of.

If you're not going to try to reschedule the New Zealand trip, my vote is that you try Costa Rica. It's an amazing and beautiful country. The people are very friendly, and there is so much to do and see. There are resorts if you prefer that, but so many options for high adventure as well. I'd recommend booking stays at different resorts around the country for a few days at a time, and renting a land rover in between to explore the countryside.

Hope the snow lets up soon, and that your vacation plans work themselves out sooner rather than later...


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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