When Disaster Strikes

A funny thing happened on the way to the weather sight today... One of our remote weather stations failed on Christmas day so they asked me to go out there today to troubleshoot the cause. We were about two miles away when we spotted the problem. The tower the gear was mounted to was laying on the ground. AS we approached, there were more and more patches of open water. When we finally got to the site, after a lot of dodging open pools of water, we found the guy stakes had melted out of the ice causing the tower to fall. In fact, the tower waslying in about two feet of water. I parked the piston bully (a track vehicle) as close as I could and we walked over to salvage what we could. As soon as we tried to lift anything we broke through the upper crust of snow. There was a little over two feet of water under the snow. We estimated the water temperature at 28 degrees or so. We unbolted the equipment that was above water and jumped back in the piston bully to change into dry clothes. It was 30 degrees today so we were pretty cold by the time we went to change. I was sure we were going to get stuck 4 or 5 times when we would drop into a hole and the water would be up over the tracks. We were about 18 miles out on the ice. If we had gotten stuck they would have had to send search and rescue to come get us because of the distance. You wouldn't believe the reports that would have had to have been filled out if that had happened. We weren't able to salvage everything. They are going to decide whether to go back out by chopper to airlift the rest or just call is a loss and leave it there forever. The cost of the solar panel and tower are about enough to make it worth the flight. We all made it back safe and sound, but it was a very slow and bumpy ride back. I'm sorry I didn't think of taking pictures until we were back on solid ice. There was too much pucker factor going on to think of it.

Deep Breath!

Now that we have Donna breathing into a paper bag, I'm going to have to request you give her a heads up the next time you decide to go swimming with the penguins. She worries, you know!



That's not FUNNY!!!! I think you should call me!!


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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