First Field Trip

Tomorrow morning, my Wednesday, I get to make my first field trip by helicopter. I am going to site 111 to replace the weather camera. Thursday I'll being going up to Crater Hill to inventory the equipment. Friday I'm off to the South pole. I've spent all day yesterday and today testing the windbird for Black Island and the camera for 111. This is actually turning out to be a busy week. Finally. Oh yeah, I'm in town this week and next, so I'm eligible for field trips. Anything to stay busy. Everyone that is full time has been suggesting I should volunteer to come back next year as well. I guess they like it that I am willing to do almost anything and learn quick. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow if I have time.

Smile you're on .....

You should let us know what time so when you fix the camera you can stand in front of it, Smile and wave hi to everyone.

Cameras Aren't Accessable

Unfortunately, the cameras are not accessable by internet directly. They are connected to a server not available to the public, sorry. The pictures are pretty boring anyway. They point out over the ice field with the corner of an island barely in the picture for reference so they can see what the visibility is.


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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