The seal that came to visit

Here are some pictures of a Weddell seal that came out to the tower to visit. I was about 10 feet away when I took the last few pictures. This is the same seal I took pictures of before.

the_seal_that_came_to_visit_1.jpg404.26 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_2.jpg733.04 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_3.jpg349.47 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_4.jpg285.7 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_5.jpg254.04 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_6.jpg363.18 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_7.jpg425.73 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_8.jpg533.53 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_9.jpg675.84 KB
the_seal_that_came_to_visit_10.jpg747.66 KB


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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