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Well, here I am just getting off my first mid shift. Tired as all get out, but wanted to get the pictures of my room posted. Also, for those of you that haven't heard my job description yet, here it is...

I am an electronics technician II. I maintain the airfield Navigational aids such as TACAN (Helps planes find the airfield), REILS (Runway End Indicator Light Set which tells the planes where the end of the runway is), MLS (Microwave Landing System which tells a C130 his position in relationship to the end of the runway for low or no visibility conditions), PAPI lights (rough indicator of plane/runway alignment during good weather), and the air traffic control radios and consoles. I also install and maintain weather indicating equipment throughout the continent. I am still learning all of the equipment, so I stay real busy studying tech manuals. Boring for the most part but I'm loving it. The weather is actually quite warm. It has been in the mid teens and twentys for the past couple of weeks. I don't wear my parka unless I'm going to work and the long underwear only comes out if I'm snowmobiling. Now when I go to the South Pole that's a whole other story. It's been -40 to -70 the wholle time I've been here. I will definitly be layering up when I go there.

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% of penguin pee in the ice:

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