Mom learning to blog

What it is yo, whats up.

I don't get this whole thing its weird. No don't write me...don't write that. stop that! (head shakes) Ha, ha, ha...stop! David: this is fun....Mom: no its not, I'm supposed to say something intelligent, right?

David: Grandma you want to say anything. Grandma: About what?....He had curly red hair when he was born. Mom: No that's for the other part.

I don't get blogging. Hhhhaa! (more head shaking)

David: Thats awsome. Mom: I'm gonna pee my pants....dont say that....stop it!...He's writing everything we say.

Em: Cat! um cat... Mom: What other words do you know how to read. Em: Sam, Sam, found, fan, to, mat. cat, suuzzz, Matt.

Em: Hi, daddy? Matt, thats not his name....Matt saw Sam ran to... Grandma: If you were talking to daddy what would you say. Em: Matt! Tell him I fell in the lake. Bye, bye!

Was that a good first blog?

dear grandma,

Dear Grandma, October 16,2010
How is every body?
I'm not sure I've never
blogged before.
Did camper grandpa have fun
at his happy happy camper school?
I hope he did.
He better look out for grandpa
pee,tell him
to watch for penguins too.
I hope he calls soon.

P.S.Have him call soon i'sh please.


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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