The Map Is Coming

I have found a way to upload the interactive web for the map. The only problem is that there is too much information along with the map, so Tanya will work diligently to parse out all of the un-needed information. When Tanya completes doing all the things I should have done before I sent the files, she should post it along with a brief discription on how to use the map. Basicly you just put the cursor over a building and a discription pops up. Clicking on it will show you a picture and offer a floor plan if available. I live in building 207, room 206, I work in building 159, and eat in building 155. Thing one thing it doesn't show is the buildings out on the ice by the runway. I also work out of an old portable air traffic control tower when out on the ice. It is just off the runway beside the active portable control tower. Had the opportunity to troubleshoot a real live radio problem today. Two of the radios had no receive audio to Mac Control where they talk to the aircraft. Fortunately, the problem is before our equipment. The comms guys that are responsible for the microwave shot to the transmitter site are going to schedule a helo flight to go troubleshoot their equipment at the far end.

We got hold of the new motto for the FAA Runway Certification Team:


We are looking forward to the certification process starting this Friday.


Visit the Interactive Station Map to see buildings Tim lives and works in.



% of penguin pee in the ice:

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