Final Pictures From Antarctica

This is the end of the photos from my trip to Antarctica. I have a second job interview this afternoon by phone. This is the same company I interviewed with while I was on the ice. The work is similar to the AWS weather system I was working with while I was on the ice except using cell phones instead of radios. Wish me luck. I have been delayed putting up the pictures. Partly because I have become lazy and partly because my computer has begun to have isssues. It wants to overheat because the main cooling fan keeps cutting out. It seems to be working today, so I'll try to get it done before I take it in for repair. Thank goodness for warranties.
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the_flock_of_penguins_that_refused_to_leave.jpg456.21 KB
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the_snow_is_coming_back.jpg727.11 KB

What's up with the bumblebee?

Operation "Deep Freeze" doesn't exactly inspire thoughts of our sun loving friends. Big ship, penguin, even the airplane I get... Unless it's some weird mutant bumble bird, who hunts out the infamous glacial ice worms of course...


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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