Me? The organized one?

It is interesting that no one wants to let anyone know anything about themselves or their life off the ice. It's like it doesn't exist.

I get along with everyone fine except once in a while someone will get excited about a piece of equipment being broke and think everyone else is being lazy.


I should be able to start traveling after flight checks are complete. We should be able to finish that today or tomorrow. We have been working around the clock since Monday to get all of the equipment approved for use with the C130s. I've been shuttling everyone around in the shop van. Makes for a long day. I'll let you know when I'm going to leave for the first helicopter trip.

Happy Camper School Graduation

Well, I passed the school. I can officially leave the station to go work on my equipment. I have been getting acquainted with the equipment on station and all the things I need to know before I go out into the field.

Interactive Map of McMurdo

Visit the Interactive Station Map! See Tim's dorm, work buildings, and more!

The Map Is Coming

I have found a way to upload the interactive web for the map. The only problem is that there is too much information along with the map, so Tanya will work diligently to parse out all of the un-needed information. When Tanya completes doing all the things I should have done before I sent the files, she should post it along with a brief discription on how to use the map. Basicly you just put the cursor over a building and a discription pops up. Clicking on it will show you a picture and offer a floor plan if available.

Mom learning to blog

What it is yo, whats up.

I don't get this whole thing its weird. No don't write me...don't write that. stop that! (head shakes) Ha, ha, ha...stop! David: this is fun....Mom: no its not, I'm supposed to say something intelligent, right?

David: Grandma you want to say anything. Grandma: About what?....He had curly red hair when he was born. Mom: No that's for the other part.

I don't get blogging. Hhhhaa! (more head shaking)

David: Thats awsome. Mom: I'm gonna pee my pants....dont say that....stop it!...He's writing everything we say.


Well, There's a new problem on the ice. It seems we have more people coming in than we have rooms to put them in. Raytheon warned NSF earlier that this was going to happen, but NSF decided the figures were wrong. We have a total of 1042 beds and expect there will be 1248 in town for two weeks. NSF has decided there is no problem because all we need to do is increase the number of people per room and there is plenty of space. Needless to say there are a lot of upset people right now.

Pops? Mule?

Depending on who you talk to around here I now have two new nicknames. One is pops because I am older than anyone else in the shop and the other is mule because I have been doing more work lifting things than anyone else.

Work at Mac Town

Yesterday I worked in the new tower that will be our runway workcenter. We uncrated and moved in cabinents. They weigh about 300 pounds apeice and there was only three of us to do it. It took all day and we were all exhausted by the time we were done.

Communications and Food

The weather was +7F yesterday and +10 today.  Been rather windy though.  They shut down all travel if the winds get too bad.  I will never have network in my room unless I get a PC-MCI card for my computer to do dialup.  That would be too slow and not worth the expense.  I have access from the shop on the LAN, but don’t have much time while I’m there.  The computer lab has a kiosk with about 10 computers for everyone to share, so can’t be online long there either.  I plan to start emailing pictures as soon as I get them downloaded off my camera.  By the way, the chow is as bad as you guys alwa


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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