Here is my email address on the ice.

I’m at the public kiosk right now because I don’t have access in the room yet.  I will also be checking my SRC account as well.


I thought I would send this now.  I am at the computer kiosk in the lobby of the
hotel.  I am leaving in a few minutes for the Antarctica Center to get on board
the C17 for the flight down.  I am so excited my back has started cramping up.  
I won't have time to check for emails after I send this, they are asking
everyone to load up into the van.  I miss you everyone already.  
My love to all and I miss everyone dearly as well.  Very busy day
yesterday with trying on all the gear to make sure everything fits well in

Make way! Coming through!

I am sitting at the kitchen table going through all the emails and benefit materials to prepare for the trip. The good news is that they provide the ECW (extreme cold weather)gear I'll need. The bad news is that it counts against my weight allowance on the plane. I only get 145 pounds total. That sounds like a lot until you realize I have to live with it for 5 months. Also, the glasses I just bought are metal framed and I can't use them outside on the ice. The cold would cause the frames to freezer burn my skin.

July 23, 2010

So here I am...about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime...

No stranger to strange lands, dirty jobs, and a sun that doesn't set for six months out of the year, I find myself once again about to leave for lands unknown, my family holding down the fort "back home". The difference this time? Well, twenty years for starters. Working WITH Uncle Sam instead of FOR Uncle Sam... And penguins. Yeah, that's new...


% of penguin pee in the ice:

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