Final Pictures From Antarctica

This is the end of the photos from my trip to Antarctica. I have a second job interview this afternoon by phone. This is the same company I interviewed with while I was on the ice. The work is similar to the AWS weather system I was working with while I was on the ice except using cell phones instead of radios. Wish me luck. I have been delayed putting up the pictures.......

I'm Home !!!!!!

I finally made it home. After a 60 hour travel time, (I did get 1 night in a hotel with 8 hours sleep) I finally got home to Michigan. Feels great to be home, but boy, am I tired. I seem to be having trouble adjusting to the time. Got up at 9 this morning. That would have been 3am McMurdo time. Yeah, it's like that. I'll post the pictures after I take a nap. Emmalee came out to the airport to meet me last night. I was able to sneak up behind her. She turned around when I spoke to her and it startled her to see someone that close to her.

I Am On The Way Home

I am now in Christchurch. As it turns out, the airport is fine. No noticable damage to facilities or tarmac. The heaviest damage is on the south side of the city and the Central Business District (CBD). All of us that have worked search and rescue inthe past have volunteered to help, but they have teams from all over the world that have come in, so individuals without team equipment are not required. That is outstanding news.

I'm Coming Home

OK gang, here's the skinny. I have just come from the meeting when we find out what is supposed to happen. The good news is I get to leave Mc Murdo. The bad news is I don't get to leave until Sunday morning. I fly into Christchurch at about noon on Sunday and will fly a shuttle up to Auckland Sunday night. I should get a chance to fly on from there on Monday sometime. As soon as I can I will post some pictures I've been taking lately. Having to share the internet at the kiosk makes it had to take the time to upload them. Everyone is trying to keep their email updated as well.

New Zealand Earthquake

First of all, I want everyone to know I am perfectly safe. I am still in Mc Murdo. We have been hit with the worst storm of the season this week. There are snow drifts as tall as I am. It was hard to get home from the bar last night. My flight had been cancelled with no knowlege of when it might be rescheduled. Because of this and the earthquake in Christchurch, Donna and I have decided to cancel our vacation together as well. The hotel we were to stay in has been severely damaged. When we are able to leave here we're not even sure if we'll go through New Zealand or Tasmania.

Final Days

I am in the last two days before I leave the land of ice. The summer thaw is the greatest any ne in our group can remember. The weather has been pretty good the whole season. The orcas are out in greater numbers than ever, but none are coming close to our side of the water, so I'm sorry, but no good pictures of them. I do have a few more pictures of seals and penguins, but I don't have a way at the moment to upload them, so I'll do that when I can. This has been a fantastic time and I have thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of it. In a way, I'll be sorry to go.

Week Of The Big Push

The final days of the Summer 2010 - 2011 season in Antarctica are quickly approaching. The final camps are passing through on their way home. The South Pole is already in their winter 2011 season. We are waiting for the final C130 flight tomorrow so we can bring in the MLS's, FMQ-19's, PAPPIS and REILS. These will be long days to get it all in and packed away before my flight next week. I have to admit this has been the most enjoyable job I have ever had from a work perspective. Even if they were a little anal on the speed issue. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you.......

Helo Flights Completed For The Year

Well, I've been told they've run out of places for me to go. All of the equipment we have parts for is operating as it should. I completed bringing in the optical equipment from the AWS at Marble Point. On the way there we passed a lone penguin that was caught on a broken off piece of ice that was molting. Penguins don't go in the water while they are molting. On the way back we passed a large pod of orcas in the same area. The penguin was on the solid ice, sliding...

Disaster At The Ice Pier

Several things have happened since I last had a chance to update the blog. Tanya (my dughter and webmaster) has created a little quiz based on some questions that have come in. See if you can answer them the first time through. (It will allow you to guess until you get it right. Please sign in so we know who hasn't tried yet.)

There are two ice piers. The old one is further out along the point beyond the new one. They are both built by piling up snow around the outside edge and pouring water in the middle to create a lake on top of the ice. The water freezes. They then add....

New Trips, New Questions (Antarctica Quiz)

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As there are new trips coming about because of equipment installs and bring in equipment for the winter as the summer season draws to a close, There are still questions the masses are thinking of, but shy to ask. Here are a couple that came in recently and I thought I would share them with the group. Remember that I have tried to add trivia onlong the throughout my posts and answers to comments, so have fun sharing them with your friends. They will be imporessed with the amount of useless information you have.

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To boldly go where no man (without a parka anyway) has gone before. To explore new icefields, seeking vistas of beautiful horizons tuxedoed penguins. To perform daring feats of electrical engineering in fascinating and sometimes colorless environs, (except some nights when the sky is on fire). To Live.


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